Celebrating Art and Business: Kmend’s Journey with the Business to Arts Awards

Kmend, the go-to platform for connecting professionals and exceptional businesses, is honored to be part of the esteemed Business to Arts Awards 2023.

This partnership marks an exciting milestone in Kmend’s journey of supporting and celebrating the fusion of art and business.

The Business to Arts Awards is a prestigious event that acknowledges and honors outstanding collaborations between businesses, philanthropists, artists, and arts organizations. It serves as a platform to recognize and appreciate the profound impact created through creative partnerships. These collaborations encompass a range of initiatives, including arts sponsorship, artist commissioning, staff engagement programs, philanthropy, and community engagement.

We are thrilled to share that Kmend proudly sponsors the “Best Small Sponsorship” Award at the Business to Arts Awards. This award signifies our commitment to recognizing individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the arts community. At Kmend, we firmly believe in the power of community, networking, and the transformative influence of arts and culture.

The Business to Arts Awards features an impressive array of 12 categories for 2023, spotlighting collaborations of all scales. From small, community-based initiatives to large-scale, long-term engagements with nationwide impact, these partnerships demonstrate true innovation, investment, and creative vision. The Awards serve as a platform to celebrate these remarkable collaborations and their genuine impact on the arts landscape.

As we embark on this exciting journey with the Business to Arts Awards, we look forward to witnessing the magic unfold. It is our privilege to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and creativity invested in these partnerships. Together, we will celebrate the transformative power of art and its profound connection to the world of business.

Speaking about the launch of the nominations Louise O’Reilly, Chief Executive, Business to Arts: ‘We are thrilled to launch this year’s Business to Arts Awards nominations. The Awards provide a unique opportunity to show just how meaningful and impactful arts partnerships can be for both the corporate sector and the communities they serve. We are excited to learn about a new generation of creative partners and welcome our new Creative Access Award supported by Community Foundation Ireland.’

John McGrane, Co-founder and Director General, Kmend said: ‘We are excited to sponsor the “Best Small Sponsorship” Award at the Business to Arts Awards and look forward to recognising the individuals and companies who have made significant contributions to the arts community. At Kmend, we believe in the power of community and networking, and we are delighted to support this celebration of arts and culture, which brings people together and enriches our lives.’

The Business to Arts Awards Ceremony is the largest arts and business event on the calendar. The 2023 Business to Arts Awards will take place at the National Concert Hall on Tuesday, 12th September.


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