Frequently Asked Questions

While testing the site, you may have some questions about how to do different things. This is a quick run down of how to do the things that you or your network members will find useful on Kmend.

How can I tell members about my company? 

Conversations is an area for open discussion, divided into Buying and Selling categories. You can sell or promote your services in a post in the Know What (selling) section. 

How can I search for a company to do business with?   

Conversations is an area for open discussion, divided into Buying and Selling categories. You can request recommendations for professionals or companies you want to work with in the Know Who (buying) section.  

How can I find a specific member on Kmend? 

From the Members tab you can search for any users on the site. If you are not sure of their name, you can search by job title, by company or both.  

How can I contact another member on Kmend? 

You can add another user as a Connection from the Members page or their profile page. If they accept, you can then send a private message. You can also tag another user in a public post by using @ followed by their username. This will generate a notification to them that they have been mentioned.  

Who can contact me on Kmend? 

Any user that you are connected to on the site can send a private message to you. Check My Connections to see what other users can contact you.  Companies can only message you if you make contact with them first.

What is the Activity page? 

This is a snapshot of everything happening across the site. You can view Latest Updates, activity on your Groups, activity on blogs and conversations. You will also see the most recently active members, newest members and most popular members.  

What are Groups, can anyone join?  

Groups are a place to connect online with networks you are a real-life member of or other groups that you may find useful. There are three types of Groups  

  • private and available by invitation only 
  • public but you must request access 
  • hidden, access is by invitation only  

How can I review a company that I have used?  

Listings are a database of companies who have representatives on Kmend. You can review/Kmend or contact a company from their company profile page here.  

Can I contribute to the Blog? 

Yes! The blog is where longer form articles, ideas or informative pieces can be published. All users can submit a blog post via Blog Submission which will be reviewed before being published.  

If you have any questions not covered here, send a private message to me or comment below.







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